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Solving Equine Back/Body Pain

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Does your saddle REALLY fit?

The photos that show thin/translucent areas are spots where there is too much pressure. This are where the entire weight of the rider is focused.

A badly fitting saddle (english, western, dressage, sidesaddle, whatever) impacts the body in so many ways. From going forward to attitude. From collection to muscling.

This is the progression the Horse goes through that starts with pain from a poorly fitting saddle using the most common issue - shoulder fit.

The saddle pinches the shoulder area. The horse try’s to move away from the pain by pulling the muscles away. This creates hollows/atrophy behind the shoulder blades.

Then the back muscles begin to atrophy because the horse is hollowing out his back to better avoid the shoulder pain. He develops a "sway back" with the back below where it should be by up to 6 INCHES.

That causes him to not be able to step underneath his body so collection goes away. There is no “push” from the back and certain muscles get over developed – croup, and under developed – stifle. That creates the “goose rump”. He will drag his toes and can stumble behind.

Now he is only pulling himself along with his front legs. His shoulders and chest hurt. Muscles become inflamed, swollen, uneven on one side.  The saddle is now pushed sideways and pinches even more. He will start to stumble up front.

So now he starts using his neck to help support his back. The head goes up and he develops a ewe neck. The muscles under the neck are over developed to support the high head.

That forces him to break in the middle of the neck to get his head down where he can see where he is going. Now he goes behind the vertical and loses contact with the bit.

At some point he will get difficult to saddle. Maybe start biting during saddling. Start kicking or striking. Try to run out from under the saddle. Maybe try to lay down. Maybe even rear!

This is when the poor horse gets labeled as “DANGEROUS” and then ends up at an Auction going to slaughter!

All because of a Saddle that doesn’t FIT ! ! ! !

I have seen a lot of “brand new custom fit” saddles that don’t fit. It isn’t the price of the saddle that ensures a good fit. It is the tree.

Can he be FIXED??!! Yes he can. Contact me to review your saddle fit and what I can do to help your horse recover.