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Solving Equine Back/Body Pain

For all types of Working and Pleasure Horses

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Products I Offer

ADM Feeds for All Animals

Recommended Products

These products get my endorsement even though I am not a dealer.  I do NOT get paid for this.  I use the products and like how they work and the engineering that went into the designs.

I offer a Free one week trial on Equipedic Saddle Pads (Jumper, Western and Dressage style).

I also offer these Equipedic Saddle Pads for $25 a week rental.  

Just like changing your saddle, bit or bridle you may need to educate your horse to the “feel” for your seat cues when using your new Equipedic Pads.

I didn’t experience any issues changing to Equipedic.  That doesn’t mean you wont.  That is why I offer the free trial and the rental program. I want to make sure you are happy with your purchase!

Are you a skeptic when it comes to equipment/supplements that will “cure” your horses problems?  I know I am!

I don’t want to make a mistake and be stuck with something that doesn’t work or even makes the problem worse.

I believe in the products listed here because I use them.  Feel free to do your own research; talk with me about them; ask your friends.

They can be shipped direct to you or can be delivered during my next visit.

Equipedic  Saddle Pads

Young Living Essential Oils

Can help to relieve stress and calm nerves.  It can also reduce toxin levels and environmental damage.

Quality feeds and basic supplements for all animals.  Custom blends are available if needed.

Horses       Cats         Sheep       Goats            Deer

Dogs          Cows       Swine        Chickens       

Renegade Hoof Boots

Dr. Cook Bitless Bridles

These are the best engineered boot on the market.  They through out the old “wrap” approach and designed a boot to work with the mechanics of the joints.  They last a long time and are perfect for trail rides when you know the terrain is more than your horse’s feet can handle.

If you have a horse that has become defensive about bit pressure this is a great way to re-establish the trust.  This eliminates any pinching or pain from jawbone spurs in the bit area.

Anything you can do with a bit you can do with a bitless bridle.

Doterra Essential Oils

Can help to relieve stress and calm nerves.  It can also reduce toxin levels and environmental damage.

AcuWave Patches

Helps to block pain without medication or their side effects.  Does not test as it is not injected.

Reduces stress levels, promotes better sleep, improves energy!

Razor Horse Shoes

The Flexible option for horses that need shoes.  

The shoes flex like the hoof does with each step while protecting the hoof from excessive wear and allows for corrective shoeing/padding.

Dynamite Supplements

Dynamite Supplements are high quality and targeted to many areas where extra nutrition is required for optimal health of your specific situation.