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Solving Equine Back/Body Pain

For all types of Working and Pleasure Horses

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Equine Training & Rehab Care Options

Do you need Training for you or your horse?  

Do you need Rehabilitation Strategies to help your horse recover from injuries?

Do you need twice a day or more care during injury recovery?

Are you out of time trying to care for your horse, house, family and job?  

Is getting your horse back in shape critical to your show season?

I can help with all of this.

Rehab Coaching

Rehab Groundwork Coaching so You can do the work on your horse - $75 per hour

Basic Under Saddle Rehab Coaching on your horse - $75 per hour

Rehab Training

I can do your basic Rehab Groundwork Training Sessions at my barn - $800 a month includes

Basic Under Saddle Rehab Training  - $75 per hour

Basic Equine Training

Basic Groundwork and Respect training at my barn - $600 per month includes:

Basic Equine Coaching

Basic Groundwork and Respect training at your barn - $50 per hour